Urban Jungle Vienna e-commerce website design

Webshop concept, ideation

Name: Urban Joungle – Vienna

URL: www.urbanjoungle.at

Location: Vieanna

Plants and accessories:

Indpoor plants:

  • palms
  • cactuses
  • orchids
  • bines
  • fems
  • ficus
  • bonsai


  • pots
  • earth
  • plant stands
  • plant hangers
  • watering can
  • floral clipper
  • bonsai clipper
  • humider

Target audience: 25 – 45

Costs: €-€€ (moderate)

Elevator pitch: feel the tropical vibe when you arrive home to your flat in Vienna. Enjoy the better air and all the green that surrounds you. The winter doesn’t need to feel gray and gloomy even if you decide to stay in the comfort of your house.

User research

user personas

Lia Takumbel, 26yo

Lia moved to Austria from Brazil a year ago to finish her Master Degree in Molecular Biology in the University of Vienna. She loves nature, that's why she buys lots of indoor plants. Her favorite location is Palmen House. She drinks there more times a week a coffee with her friends. She is single and loves attending Meetups (Girls Gone International group).


She would like to feel more home in Austria and find more friends to hang out with. She doesn’t like winter, to survive this gray period she would love to create a little “tropical feeling” in her flat.


would be great to have an online shop where I can order tropical/mediterranean plants and how to care abot them, how to cure diseases.

Astrid Schwarz, 35yo
head accountant

Astrid has moved 5 years ago from Salzburg to Vienna. She rents a flat in the heart of the city close to her workplace. She is working in a Startup as a head accountant and loves to spend the after work hours in rooftop bars with her friends and co-workers. Her hobby is gardening and  she loves to live green. Her balcony is full with flowers and she has some trendy indoor plants as well. She shares her apartment with her cat Lilu.


to feel very cozy in my flat and surround myself with things that cheer me up. I am a caring person, and I  love to see how my plants grow and develop around me. They are like my children.


A good and reliable online shop. She is concerned about nature so the shop needs to be Eco-friendly as much as possible.

Andrea Pinzig 30yo
shop manager

Story Andrea works in the fashion industry. She is the shop manager at Peek&Kloppenburg (Kärtnerstraße). Andrea lives with her boyfriend in the 2nd district in a flat with a rooftop garden. She is a hobby cook and she created in the rooftop a little vegetable -and spice garden. She also loves to make her home more green, her favorite flower is the orchid. Weekends she likes to take excursions and big walks.


She would like to make her own orchid garden. She likes challenges and learn how to care about exotic plants.


Would be nice to find a shop where I can buy more kinds of orchids and I can get some help from experts how to care of them.



  • Personality & attitudes
  1.  nature lover
  2. trendy, stylish
  3. energetic  
  4. caring
  • Values
  1. values cosines and the comfort of the home
  2. quality is imortant
  3. comfortable shopping is important factor
  • Lifestyle
  1. modern and open
  2. like to spend time in the nature
  3. like to spend time home
  4. fit
  5. international

Competitor Analysis

The competition is very big when it comes to create a web shop. How to make your shop stand out? These websites all offer more than just indoor plants. I try to stick out with my website that I specialize only for indoor plants and I offer more expertise in this direction. Tips and Trends not many websites have in Austria so it can be some unique feature what I can offer for my users. 

User - and client needs

User needs

the website needs to enable the user to:

  • find out if the shop delivers to your area
  • filter the products
  • read the product description
  • find advice about plant care
  • read about ratings and reviews
  • see order history and make it possible to re-order
  • make favorites by liking products
  • create an account
  • choose from suggested accessories to the plant
  • pay with pay pal or credit card
  • choose from delivery methods
  • order from your smart phone
  • track your delivery
  • contact in case there is an issue

Client needs

the website needs to enable the client to:

  • sell plants online
  • provide a system for order customization
  • communicate good quality,  specialized knowledge and trend
  • fast answers for questions
  • show a catchy introduction
  • show high quality pictures and videos
  • provide uniqueness
  • push user subscriptions (landing page,/pop-up)

Outline of Scope

Content requirement (text, images, videos)

“The user will be looking for…”

  • logo
  • About the company
  • Location & contact info
  • Delivery radius
  • Delivery time
  • Product pictures, descriptions and caring tips
  • Pricing information
  • Payment informations
  • shopping summary
  • Confirmations
  • Social media
  • Subscribtion
  • Review, user comments

Functionality requirement (system that will allow the user accomplish tasks)“the user will be able to…”

  • Authentication (username , password, password recovery)
  • Filter
  • Select (different products)
  • Compare (different products)
  • Rate
  • Contact sheet
  • Order tracking
  • Check out
  • Shopping cart
  • Account setting (add delivery address & credit card)
  • Repeat order
  • Like products
  • Navigation

Brainstorming about functionalities

After I have analyzed some other web pages I have a better picture of the functionality and the look. As the competition is big, I want to design the website more unique regarding the appearance.

Site map

I divided the menu for 2 parts. There is one header menu, which is the navigation and in the footer menu you see the secondary navigation.I find the overall view more clear and the user doesn’t get lost in the information and navigation options.

User flow

Wireframing for mobile version

Wireframing for desktop

Hi-Fi mockups for mobile Version

I have designed 2 main buttons on the home screen to access shopping by category. We can call these 2 big buttons speed navigation. The user is able to enter shopping also from the menu, but why make that one more additional step if you could be able to shop with one click? It’s very convenient and leads the customer in the intended direction.

In the shopping store the user can simply swipe between the products and if a plant catches the attention can simply tap on it to look at it closer, read about the description, specification and care tips even about possible sicknesses.  Furthermore the user is able to like products, check history and filter. With the back button you can go back one step, if the user taps in the middle the logo will end up in the starting screen.

The costumer would use his own paying system, on this screen you see the paying methods and the delivery and billing forms. As you see I stick all the way to the same fresh green colors. I especially liked the mix between the illustration and photos. It gives a playfulness, easiness to the entire website.

Hi-Fi mockups for desktop


I create enjoyable web experiences for mobile & desktop software users by making the complex simple. By applying strategic and innovative approaches I lead the user to their intended task. Meanwhile, I make sure that the user has a pleasant atmosphere through their journey. As a problem solver, I rely on my ability of empathy and I strive to listen closely to understand where the main pain points are.
Timea Elek
UX Designer
Timea Elek