Timea Elek – UX Designer

My mission

Many people ask me what exactly does UX design deal with? Why is it good for the company to invest in a UX designer? The exact designation is User Experience Design: the interaction and experience of users with the company’s products and services.  

Behind the websites of the big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook a whole UX team is making sure that the website stays user-friendly. In many cases, small businesses lack the financial resources and they can’t afford such a UX team. Unfortunately, this can be seen in many cases on their websites. Often small and medium-sized businesses do not understand why it is so important to consider the user’s point of view, what they gain with it. In today’s world, along with the information flow, people’s patience is declining exponentially. If the user does not find the information he is looking for on the interface, he will not devote too much time to dig deeper but will choose another page of a competitor. The aesthetics and the appearance of the surface are also important. First impressions of interfaces are influenced by visual appeal. Users tend to judge interfaces with low visual appeal as uninteresting and hard to use. If the surface is not properly designed, the user will not even look at the offers. It is important to know what the users want and somewhat keep up with the trends. The users age group is also a deciding factor, how should the design look like.  If you would like to receive a professional suggestion for improvement from the UX point of view, please don’t hesitate to contact m

About me

My design journey started in 2015. In this year I turned my attention and energy to learn and gain experience in graphic design and in 2019 I focused more on UI/ UX design as this is the field that I am passionate about. I successfully completed the UI/UX design specialization course at California Institute of Arts by Coursera. I love the beautiful, unique designs and the challenge of building or improving products for a more enjoyable user experience.

Bellow you see my projects that I worked on the last few month. Those are unpaid projects, I volunteered to fix an issue or re-design the whole website.

My Projects

Working Group on parrot protection

My role: entire UX & UI design concept

Vonatinfo railway transport app

My role: entire UX & UI concept